• Wooden Spoon Herbs Digestive Bitters
  • Wooden Spoon Herbs Digestive Bitters

Wooden Spoon Herbs

Wooden Spoon Herbs Digestive Bitters

Be good to your gut.

Soothe belly woes with Digestive Bitters. Dandelion and burdock support the liver and the GI tract, promoting optimal digestion. This dynamic duo can help with the elimination of metabolic waste, helping to further promote the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals from food. Let the design of the digestive system work with ease. 

Dandelion Root is a nomadic weed that has traveled to many crevices and corners of the world. Rich in vitamins A, B complex, and C, as well as minerals like iron, potassium, and zinc, this resilient weed supports the liver through fortification.

Burdock Root can be found sprouting on the borders of fields, roadsides, and empty spaces — settling into spaces otherwise ignored. This nourishing liver tonic supports the lymphatic system by helping to process and eliminate fats and toxins. Bow down to burdock!

Mullein is a weedy plant and member of the snapdragon family that sets up camp and grows all over our planet. Tonic in nature, this fuzzy flower is a traditional support for the respiratory system, subduing inflammation and toning tissue over time.

2 oz. bottle

Made With: Organic Burdock root extract, Organic Dandelion root extract, Organic Artichoke leaf extract, Organic Mullein leaf extract, Organic Cane alcohol, Water.

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