• Diech Cardigan, Grey
  • Diech Cardigan, Grey

Rita Row

Diech Cardigan, Grey

A fresh take on a classic cardigan, featuring a drop shoulder and slightly cropped 3/4 sleeve. Made of soft wool perfect for adding an extra layer of warmth, without the itch, in all seasons. Pair with a turtleneck on cold winter days or throw it in the boat bag for those chilly summer evenings. A true year-round, go-to style.

65% Wool 18% Cotton 17% Rec. Polyamide.


Wool is a naturally durable fiber and garments can stay in circulation for a relatively long period of time, reducing their environmental footprint. Research has established that woolen products have the potential for several ‘lives’ over 20-30 years.

Wool is one of the world’s most suitable fibers for reuse, extending the lifetime of garments and helping the environment

Choosing long-lasting, readily recyclable woolen garments over other options can reduce the quantity of textiles that ends up in landfill.

Cotton is the preferred choice for customers due to its perfect mix of softness, strength, and flexibility. But what also makes cotton popular is the fact that it’s a sustainable choice, too.

Soft, light, and breathable, compared to other common clothing fibers, cotton has the advantage of being a completely natural product that doesn’t require an intensive chemical process in order to be transformed into fabric.

Polyamide properties allow it to be a durable material, as well as resistant. Polyamide and polyamide fiber blend have a firm position in swimwear/beachwear because they are easy to care for and have good wear properties: it is light, strong, quick-drying, and easy to clean.

We know Polyamide means using plastic... Well, plastic can be recycled, right? We try to find the good side in everything so in this garment, we can only suggest to use it well, do not wash it too much and please when you don't want to use it anymore find another life for it. It can be used to recycle fibers!

Use of recycled fabrics have significant importance as it provides both environmental and economic benefits.

Choosing long-lasting, readily recyclable woolen garments over other options can reduce the quantity of textiles that ends up in landfill.

Recycled polyamide is obtained by melting down existing plastic and re-spinning it into new fiber. By choosing recycled polyamides fabrics, the same technical performance is achieved as other similar fibers but leaving a lower environmental footprint.


Ethically Made in Spain. This garment has been produced by responsible manufacturing partners. Our team has developed a close relationship with every people in the factories of our supply chain, and we consider each employee of the factory as a member of the Rita Row team.

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